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2016               MFA Scenography, Research on Space, Performance and

Spectatorship. HKU School of Arts, Utrecht NL

2011                Athens Conservatory Drama School, GR

2009              Theatrical Studies, National and Kapodistrian University GR      

Member of:   4Frontal  Collective and

Once Upon a Rhyme  hip hop band (vocals)

Languages :  Greek (native), English, French


2016      Sound Design(Reaper, working with sound in space),Gabriel Paiuk,NL

2015      Iconographiesn of La Condition Humaine, Lotte Van Gelder

Spring Festival 2015 Utrecht NL

2015      Benjamin Vandewalle

Spring Festival 2015, Utrecht NL

2015      Meeting Places, Sanne Danz,NL

2015      Theatre on location, Lara Almarsequi,NL

2014      On Spectatorship, Laura Van Den Berg, Het Huis Utrecht NL

2014      Laboratory of Scenography,

2013      Material Workshop,

2009      Theatrical Mask, G. Zaboulakis, GR

2008      Alexander Technique, N. Mastrokostopoulos, GR

2007      Street Theater, Pandoum  Street theatre group, GR


2015       Puppet Theatre Contest,,

Freak Du Chique theatre group, NL

2013       Spring X-Press, from the theatrical play Spring Awakening,

by Frank Wedekind. Bios Cultural Multiplex, 4frontal, GR

2013       Ruins of passion, Verona Festival 2013. Directed by N. Kamtsis, GR

2012       Hush,somebody is coming ,political performance, 4frontal,

Neos Kosmos Theatre, GR 

*1st price at Neos Kosmos Political performance Festival 2012

2012       Ubu Roi,  by Alfred Zarry, 4frontal, Cube Theatre, GR

Artistic Projects
Video art


Set Design
Costume Design

2014      The Art Of Asking Your Boss For A Raise,  by George Perec, 4frontal,

104 Theatre, GR

2013       Spring X-Press, based on Spring AwakeningFrank Wedekind,

4frontal, Bios Cultural Multiplex, GR

2012       Hush,somebody is coming ,political performance, 4frontal,

Neos Kosmos Theatre, Athens GR

*1st price at Neos Kosmos Political Performance Festival 2012

2012        Ubu Roi, by Alfred Zarry, 4frontal, Cube Theatre, GR


2015          Revenue, video clip in collaboration with Levi Oostermeijer,NL

2014          Model _ Campaign 2014-15, Vintage clothing/ Airbrush design shop/ Snake21, GR

2010          Photography Stylist _24h Don’t Panic Magazine,

March 2010, GR

2011           Priestess, Olympic Games Flame Lighting, GR

2013          Model _ Campaign Summer 2013,Vintage Handmade Clothing,

Katina, GR

2013          Model _ Campaign F/W 2013-14, Vintage Handmade, Katina, GR

2011           TV Advert_ Vodafone Γιαννης ο slow, directed by G. Lanthimos, GR 

2010          TV Advert_ Caprice Papadopoulou, directed by White Room, GR

2009          Photography stylist _ Tell a Story , Don’t Panic Magazine GR

    Photography stylist _ Kings of Style, Don’t Panic Magazine GR

-present  Clown-animator