The unbearable lightness of space


press play


Inspired by The unbearable lightness of being, by Milan Kundera, the performance questions the space as the dynamic relation between frame and content, adding the element of the observer’s eye, as equally strong part, included in the process.

The project is a 10 min dance performance where two dancers- labors connect through a 3 dimensional changeable construction. The construction measures the space, representing the way space forms and reflects the relation between the two bodies. The starting two dimensional situation develops into 3 dimensional, expanding into the audience’s space, ending to a non-gravity game where the actions of the performers or the spectators, who participate, define the shape of the construction. The space of the performance and who finally doesn’t perform, is under discussion as well.

Performers: Alicia Verdu Macian, Suzanne Lamers
Dramaturgical support: Hannah Woods

Video installation of the performance

The black cubes, which have been used in the performance from the audience and the performers, in this projection have been used as wall screen. They can be changed and make a different shape for the video to be projected on by the audience.

Research selection