Anna is not a person
Anna is a situation
Anna is a meeting point
Anna is a comment
Anna is a gate
Anna is an invitation
Anna supports the ”what if”
Anna is looking for Anna

In  M.Crimp’s Attempts, the reader can never have a complete idea about what exactly is Anna, the main character since she can only be defined through the descriptions of the people around her. Inspired by the play , the artist developed the idea of Anna as a space    under discussion. The performer challenges the shifting between what is perceived as The Self and the volume this space can have. The difficulty of each to release himself into another identity and observe himself through it.


The installation’s elements is the action of framing the reality itself. The performer already in the space and the visitor enters. The space of the performer and the space of the co-player may shift  through a palindromic poetic process.  The artist’s aim is to create a situation between him and the Other and play with/ challenge/ distort/ blur these boundaries. It is an individual experience.
The two players meet  and so the performance starts. It is unique and personal since what is created is the original and cannot be the same.


Meet Anna as a transition space.
For Heidegger, to be authentically desein (german: be present) means to be the play between these two forces, and to find the courage to maintain the tension, that is, to keep actuality open for possibility without fight into the impossible (the madness, fantasy, illusion of unrealistic projections.
Each situation may have the same strength depending on the way somebody observes a situation/ the position and the frame of observation. It is political. It is about equality and democracy. Space is about dynamics. This dynamic is created by the shifting between other possible spaces. Since everything (can) be relative, we could try to experience this relativity starting from the point where we define what and who we are.

-Anna is a name?
-No. Anna is the gesture of inviting to a possible, equally strong, reality.