The Dot, Sight responsive installation


De Gelderlandfebriek
Culemborg NL

”I invite you to step into my shoes, and experience whatever
..maybe there is no starting point  to experience anything
..maybe there is no point at all”

IMG_5226 (2)

Step into my shoes points out the irony of adapting one point of view (in this case the artist’s viewpoint). The space functions as the mean, not as an end itself : …and she said: ”It is not about the space, right? It is about me..” (spectator’s comment in Culemborg)

Sight responsive installation on The Dot project. De Gelderlandfabriek is an old factory, currently being renovated to become an art gallery. A factory is demolished to become something else.As if there is always a planned route to go from point 1 to point 2. This installation is an effort to play with the multiple possibilities a semi-space can offer, if it is observed in its present moment without any preparation or plan. What is important is the  spectator’s present through the space.

The video
press play

video audience
press play

inspiration space in De Gelderlandfabriek