Meetme in public space

in progress

What is a meeting point now in comparison to what it used to be.
What was the need of human that finally formed and give life to the existence of meeting places?
The project itself is an effort to reconsider the need of the latter and re-evaluate our presence in those places.

Inspired by Situationism and automatic writing process, Derrida’s approach on the idea of Utopia, Thomas Elsaesser’s lecture in Athens Biennale 2011 on what is to live in a city and his proposal on living with the equalities (what the city proposes by making obvious and accept those inequalities), I continue by developing a project based on the idea of making things and thoughts and feelings be present, make them be here, become present to the others. Under that prism, by making obvious what is there to be expressed, a better environment can appear. What is an individual thinking while being or crossing a public meeting space today?

The project:
A two way mirror placed in public space that has the characteristics of a meeting place such as train station, square, elevator etc.
The visitor is able to observe the outside world, where he was placed before entering in the mirrored box.
The visitor is welcomed to listen and watch a video made especially for the visitor.
The video concerns a cyber space and the voice belongs to the figure that appears in the video.
The figure presents itself. It is coming from the cyber space. However, it also belongs to a real person.
The figure doesn’t lie. It presents itself as a representation, an effort to adjust to the situation and play this game of distance.

The project belongs to a serie of experiments to approach the Other, the person that belongs to the specific public space where the installation is placed at that moment. It is an effort to investigate the inner self/ thoughts, needs, feelings. What follows when the experiment in different places reach to an end, will be a final audio, named THE AUDIO, inspired by the material collected already. The voice in the AUDIO will develop a monologue, exposing the reality of the space through its visitors. The space will gain the quality of being a meeting place once again.